Margaux Glaser Real Estate Zillow Review (Pacific Palisades/Santa Monica)

"I'll love Margaux forever because she's my real estate guardian angel! Margaux was the one realtor who educated us on the local market, prepped us to be ready to sell our home, helped us sell our remote home in Topanga (not an easy sell) at the very best possible price, find a rental in Santa Monica big enough for a family of six, search and search for the right home without any pressure but always there as a helpful, knowledgable, understanding guide, and eventually find a tear down near Montana in Santa Monica at a "really good price."

In fact, our new neighbors are a little upset we got the house at such a great price :) Soon we'll be building our new home in the neighborhood we've always wanted to live in and sending our kids to the public schools we were hoping for (Franklin School District). Margaux was instrumental in helping me reach this huge personal goal and incredibly proactive the entire process, every week over the course of about a year. We only got the lot we purchased because she properly prepared us and she was dedicated to closing the deal quickly. 

On top of the typical realtor transactions, she's introduced us to countless architects, contractors, real estate lawyers, bankers, etc. She really went above and beyond for us at every step of the way. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, learn more about the market, prep to buy or sell. Real estate is not just transactions and dollar bills to her. She sincerely wants to help you manifest your personal goals. We'll always think of her for getting our family into the home of our dreams. Thank you Margaux!!!"

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Margaux has extensive experience working with executors in trust and probate sales. Her aptitude for negotiation has served her clients well and provides immeasurable value to those she works with.
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